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Administer Tech LLC Consulting

Cloud Infrastructure Growth 

Full BlockchainTechnology

Cryptocurrency Market Expert

Mining Rig/Farm Expert 

Trusted technical expertise channeled to achieve real business results
Network Assessments
Part-Time CIO/CTO-level consulting
Technical Project Management
Physical to Virtual Server Migrations
Managing Office Moves

Office 365 migrations
Telecommunications Consulting
Cost Benefit Analysis

Cloud Services

Implementing a wide array of Cloud Services, and can quickly help you determine if, what, and how to move to the Cloud. Cloud Services is not a “one size fits all proposition” and you should weigh the total costs and benefits before implementing in production. 

Project Services

Administer Tech Project Services deliver new technology solutions, from simple office additions to highly complex projects. I develop a personalized solution that achieves the stated objectives at the lowest possible cost.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services provide clients peace of mind – flat fees, unlimited support for all things IT, advisory services, disaster recovery, and more.